Profile ORAGRO spol. s r.o.







Our companies won prices in slovak produce competition,  in year 2014 


ORAGRO-V       3. place in category of produce corn seeds


Turiec – Agro  in category of produce rye



The domain of Oragro s.r.o. is providing mechanization services in agriculture using modern and efficient agricultural techniques, focusing mainly on forage production and harvesting of cereals.



Other services the company provides are:

The company, through its subsidiaries

(Agro-Turiec, Oragro-V, agricultural cooperatives Vavrečka -Ťapešovo)
also given to agricultural production in the districts


The total cultivated area is 7100 ha.


Currently the company operates Oragro 41 staff and 210employees, including subsidiaries. Services provided at 180 enterprises.