Currently in the grouping together of firms behave Oragro 1100 individuals of young cattle and dairy cows 1150. Portfolio as livestock breeding ewes and 2200 a total of 280 pieces of cattle meat. Crop production is carried out on 4400 ha of arable land and nearly 3000 ha of permanent grassland. The company employs 41 employees Oragro subsidiaries employ a total of 170 employees.



Services realized a total of around 180 companies in Slovakia. As clues us serve our businesses that we own. Enterprises are deliberately located so that the difference in their arrival in the growing season range from 14 to 21 days. The firm may have to gradually realize its fleet services. This is also the specificity of these enterprises, which the company is different from other businesses,  none of them does not have a complete severe agrarian technology, but receives services from the parent directing their businesses, we only retain all light work (spraying, fertilizing, exports, transportation).


Although widely circulated opinion that the services are expensive for businesses. Despite the large volume of services provided by the current market price for managing efficiently and profitably.


In addition, services have one indisputable advantage. Agronomist knows exactly how much it paid for. If you make such deep plowing itself, considering that the load is 20 liters of diesel per hectare plus specified exactly wear and wages. Accurately calculate the real cost, however, can not. If, order the service, price and agronomist knows in advance it can zakalkulovať directly into their costs.


Condition to cope with managing complex businesses, which are scattered throughout Slovakia is, of course, surround himself with good and responsible people. Motivate those particular wages, but there are also regular meetings with employees and their families or reconditioning stays for employees.